Bariatric Meal 14 Weeks After Gastric Bypass

Well since having my Gastric bypass 14 weeks tomorrow I wanted to share a photo of the food I am now having. I tried this meal. I managed the chicken and potato and one tomato. I tried lettuce but it could not stay down. I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to tolerate salad/lettuce again. They say if you cant eat a certain food then try again in a few months. I shall try the lettuce again. I do want to be able to eat salad!

Bariatric Meal

It’s still very tough but I’m only being sick about once or twice a week when before it could be 12-14 times in a day. I am learning how to eat slow and chew chew chew. It is a process. I’m learning to have 6 small meals a day and the reality is I wont ever finish the plate. I am learning to leave the food I cant eat on the plate.

I think going out is hard. I cant enjoy a lovely meal yet. I’ve heard other bariatric patients say they manage a child size meal when eating out but mentally and psychologically that is hard. It’s tough not being able to eat the same foods as my family or the same size meals. It’s tough not being able to eat certain healthy meals. However this was my choice and I did it to improve my health, my weight and by cutting down my weight I cut down the steroid dose and that helps prevent diabetes, bone issues and other conditions so as hard as it is I will one day get used to this and learn to be a bariatric patient.