Avoiding The Stress Of Wedding Planning

Wedding planning is a challenge. It can cause a great deal of stress, headaches, and arguments. If you don’t manage the planning process well, the run-up to the happiest day of your life can be miserable and fraught with worry. 

The first thing that you need to do is come to terms with the idea that your wedding is your day. It is nobody else’s. Other people may have expectations of how a wedding should be. But they are not the ones getting married. You are! If something is not important to you, you should not feel obliged to do it. 

The second thing that you need to do is list the things that you both want for your big day. Having a sense of all of the important parts will help you plan better. 

Try and give yourself quite a long build-up so that you can spread your wedding planning and preparation over a long period. Ideally, if you aim to have everything ready a couple of months ahead of your wedding day, you’ll be able to relax in the run-up to it. 


The best way to avoid stress when it comes to preparing for your wedding is to delegate as many tasks as possible to friends and family. If you have people who can help with flowers, decorations, hair, make-up, the cake, and generally organizing, making and buying- then use them. Running around organizing every detail can wear you out, trust those around you to support you.

Set The Theme

You may want a theme that carries through the entire day. If you don’t, that is fine. However, having a theme can help making difficult decisions easier as you will be looking to match clothing, colour schemes, and table dressings. 

Find The Perfect Venue

Start early looking for a venue. You may want to visit a few places before booking. If you’re not confident at haggling, take someone you know that can. Wedding venues can often be a bit overpriced, and there is usually some wriggle room when it comes to agreeing to a price. 

Hire A Band

Wedding bands book up early. Use a site like AliveNetwork.com to find out about groups that are available near you, for your dates. You’ll be able to get an idea of their sound and look before you commit. Booking your band online can take out lots of the challenges of hunting down bands. 

Buy Your Clothes Early

Don’t leave it too late to buy your clothes. It’s very common for people to leave buying the suit and dress until the last minute because they can’t make a decision. Get them purchased months in advance if you can. 

Do Everything In Small Chunks

Make sure that all of your preparation is done in small, manageable chunks. Keeping everything nice and easy to sort out will mean you won’t tire yourself out trying to get it all done.

If you focus on one key area each month, and try and do as much from the comfort of your laptop at home, you’ll have your perfect wedding without too much stress. 

*This is a collaborative post*