Having An Allergic Reaction and Adrenal Insufficiency

Well, this morning I woke up with an itchy body. My ears are itching, my neck, my face and my arms. I have developed a rash and I really have no idea why.

So, I made an urgent appointment to see the Doctor. Maybe he can figure it out or at least prescribe the correct medication to help reduce the itch. I’ve not had an allergic reaction in years, maybe about ten years and this is very unusual for me.

alergic reaction

Since starting the adrenal pump my pain has improved and my nausea gone. The dizziness faded and I was gaining my strength back. Then suddenly about two weeks ago I started to go backwards in a different way.

I’m now exhausted again with no energy or strength but it’s not adrenal. I have issues with my Iron levels and since having a gastric bypass my zinc and folate has been out of wack quite a bit so my super exhaustion and inability to do much is currently most likely to do with low Iron levels.

I know low Zinc could give a rash so that may be part of the reason for my reaction or it could be something totally different. I’m not doubling any meds but if I start to feel unwell adrenally I may need to bolus my pump or take some extra steroids but I will monitor the situation and see how things go.

I have had a major headache for about 5 days and its not related to how much i’m drinking. I guess getting well takes time and as frustrating as it is, I need to go and have a load of blood tests to see whats out of wack and get the correct treatment.

I am going to see my Endocrinology Nurse this afternoon at the local hospital. I will be chasing up any progress on my request to get adrenal pump medication via the NHS (public health system) and should have an idea of what is required or is happening by the end of the day.

I’m also going to the Bariatric team in two weeks for a six month review and they will test all my blood levels and check for any vitamin deficiencies which I am clearly suffering from.

It’s not nice feeling absolutely shattered and going back to how I was needing to rest in bed an awful lot- but I am stable. I am not going into hospital and collapsing or about to enter an adrenal crisis each day and that is a major stressor gone. Of course I have to monitor my health from hour to hour and these vitamin issues are making me feel so so unwell but it’s not as bad as I was feeling when the adrenal Insufficiency is unstable.

I guess all of these things will take time to get under control and sort out. I do hope I can get the itching under control as it’s really bothering me. I also want my energy levels to increase. I’m tired of being stuck in bed a lot of the time. I also hope my Iron tablets will start working soon as I am simply exhausted with no energy or strength and I really do need it.

Do you have vitamin Deficiencies? How do you manage allergic reactions with or without adrenal insufficiency? I’d love to hear from you.

allergic reaction