A Virus has Knocked me out

The past two weeks have been crazy and we have had two weeks of school holidays. Thankfully I was well enough for most of last week and the start of this week. I managed to pace myself and do several activities with my daughter in the home including a baking session and cooking yummy lentil soup. We went to Freeport in Fleetwood for two hours to see Farmer Parr and I sat outside soaking up the sun. It was lovely.

Then, yesterday I crashed. I woke up unable to move, in pain and with a banging headache. I found myself unable to do more than pick up a cellphone or write small message on face book or twitter. I could not write or blog. (Luckily I scheduled posts so a day off didn’t affect the blog calendar). It just meant I could not promote my posts or join blog linky’s which I do when I am able. I just had to accept that it would be a day in bed unwell and unable.

All day I could not physically stand up and was bed bound. I had no strength to walk to the bathroom. My strength was gone and I felt so so sick once more. I even had moments where I was too weak to lift a glass to drink. My hubby had to pour the water into my mouth. I could not do it! He had to put my medication in my mouth, I was simply too weak. I felt like I was back at square one.

Luckily my daughter had activities in the day. She went to a Summer Arts class and John looked after her in the evening. My friend came over and cooked a meal which gave my  hubby a break.

I know Adrenal Insufficiency is an illness but when I suddenly get low in cortisol like this there has to be a reason? Then tonight I noticed my daughter had the sniffles and I realised I may have caught a virus which has not manifested. Usually before a cold or virus presents itself, the body fights hard to get rid of it! if my body is fighting a bug, then it will be using up twice as much cortisol. In these times I have to increase my replacement cortisol.

So I doubled up tonight and gained back a little strength. Enough to write this post, something that Im finding very therapeutic and is helping me to understand why I’m so so ill right now. I’m really pleased that I have been on a higher dose of medication since my last stay in hospital. it has helped big time. It’s allowed me to do more int he house and go out once or twice a week in the wheelchair.. and even hop of out the wheelchair for photos etc. I simply don’t like pics in the wheelchair! I’m not used to it!

The good news is, having a more stable month in July allowed me to notice more when I get extra unwell. Of course I still need bed rest every day and I’m no way near as healthy or able as a normal person but my condition has been better managed.

Also when I get sick like this, John helps me to recognise that my cortisol are low as low cortisol affects my ability to think and realise what I need. (This is why my hubby needs to care for me as I cant mentally work out what I need when I get low in cortisol or go hypoglycemic (a side affect of low cortisol levels).

So, I will need to double my meds for 3 days to rebuild my cortisol levels. This should help me to fight whatever is going on in my body, but i’m still in pain. My muscles kill and I wont be able to be as productive over the weekend!

Next Wednesday our family is going to London. I am so excited. We are taking Sylvia to visit Buckingham Palace and she has written a letter to Queen Elizabeth. I hope to be well enough to go. Even if I’m not well, I’m still going. There is no way I will miss this and John plans to push me in the wheelchair! I am really excited! We are staying at the Premiere Inn at Kensington so once we have visited the state rooms, I can always go jump into bed at the hotel while John and Sylvia go galavanting around London for a few days. I’d love to go with them but I simply cannot.

So after therapeutically writing down how I feel and what’s going on, I will end with my 3 gratitude items for the week.

I am grateful for the time I have had with my daughter during a week of better health

I am grateful for the opportunity to go stay in London with my family.

I am grateful to be able to go visit Buckingham Palace. It was on my bucket list but we have only ever been on the outside of the gates. This time we are going into the building!

and with this said, I will add my quote for the week.


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