I’m almost eight weeks out from my Gastric Bypass and what can I say,  this has been one of the most difficult times of my life physically. The post op period was really tough for me. I think because I naturally have a low pain threshold, I struggled with the pain from the holes in my tummy and the pain from my insides however I am pleased to say all the operation pain is well and truly over and I’m really pleased about that.

8 weeks

I have had two hospital admissions the first due to sickness and vomiting and being unable to keep my Hydrocortisone medication down and the second due to Adrenal Insufficiency issues again. I managed to get through the first phase of the bariatric post op diet which was hard. You can only have liquids and slop. I stuck mainly to soups and sloppy porridge and pureed foods tried my best to drink lots of water to prevent dehydration. I really struggled with medications in the first six weeks as tablets cant be swallowed so I had to crush medication which tasted foul or have liquid meds which were even worse. I’m glad this phase is over and I can at last have whole tablets again.

I went to meetings for a year or two before my operation but not once was I told about the difficulties I’d have drinking after my procedure. Yes of course I knew a new pouch for a stomach would affect how much food I could eat but I was not told how much I’d struggle to drink regular. You cant gulp anymore and for now and maybe the rest of my life I will have to have little sips constantly and I’m finding that really hard. I think before the operation I focussed more on the liver shrinking diet in preparation of my Gastric bypass.

After 5 weeks I moved onto the Soft Foods Stage of eating and that has been tough. Many foods have not gone down well. I’ve vomited some days around 12 times and when something gets stuck I continue to vomit until it’s gone. This has been hard and really makes the tummy sore. After being sick my stomach becomes inflamed and I have to go back to liquids and start over. It has been really hard. The foods I cannot have because they simply cause pain, vomiting and sickness are bread, pasta, red meat like pork or beef and tuna.

When a food irritates my stomach and causes serious sickness that causes my medications to come back up including my life saving steroids “hydrocortisone” and so I have to retake them but then i’m sick again and so I’ve really struggled this week. What makes things worse is once you have been sick almost all foods come back up. It’s not fun and much much harder than pregnancy sickness. I want good nutrition but until my insides are better healed and I find what I can and cant have I will keep being sick over and over and thats not good.

Today is my 8 weeks post op and I can officially move onto solid foods. I am not ready. I think due to the difficulties I have had I need to stay on the soft food diet for some more time. After all the guidelines are guidelines and not everyone will be exactly the same.

My goal is to eat 3 soft meals a day and have 2 healthy protein based snacks. I am trying hard. Over the past few weeks, well since week 3 I had not lost weight. I think because I’ve been having a lot of extra steroids in an out of hospital and because it is normal for a stall every few weeks.

However the good news is this week I have lost weight. Since coming out of hospital eight days ago, when I gained 2 pounds I have re-lost that 2 pounds plus another 5 and so I am officially weighing in at 17 stone.

I cannot believe it. I have officially lost 30 lbs before my operation and 30 lbs after my operation and although I cant see a difference in myself, or in my dress size yet, i’m sure eventually I will. I am really pleased with 60 lbs weight loss. That is amazing but it has been hard and is no easy ride and I’m still unsure whether I would do this again if I had the chance to redo my decision.

At this point in time I am in between the regret and what the heck have I done to myself stage and also the yeah I’m beginning to lose weight stage so I am full of lots of different thoughts. Hopefully in the future my feelings will change and when I’m used to eating differently and not having the sickness issues I’m having I will be much more happier about the decision I made to do this. At the end of the day it’s better for my health and I’m not pre-diabetic anymore.

I just need to see an Endo to make sure I’m now on the correct dose of hydrocortisone but my next NHS appointment is not until August 31st in 4 months which is rubbish so I’m saving to see someone privately as 4 months on the wrong dose of  medication could make me really unwell. If I can I will have my first private Endo appointment on 23rd June in London the day before BritmumsLive. Fingers crossed.