If you are considering gastric bypass surgery it is only normal to have questions. Here are 8 questions about gastric bypass surgery.

gastric bypass surgery questions

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8 Questions About Gastric Bypass Surgery?

How do I know that I will be suitable for surgery?

To be considered for gastric weight loss surgery there are several criteria that you will need to meet.

  • You have more than 100lbs to lose in order to reach your ideal body weight.
  • Have a BMI over 40
  • BMI over 35 and are having health issues like high blood pressure, diabetes, that are caused by being severely overweight.
  • Have proven that you can not maintain healthy body weight over a period of time even when on a medically supervised dieting.

How Much Weight Will I lose If I Have A Gastric Bypass?

In order to calculate how much weight you will lose after gastric bypass is to figure out your excess weight. Take your starting weight and subtract your ideal weight. This is your excess body weight. Most patients will lose 70% of your excess body weight after gastric bypass.

Will I have loose and Sagging skin after Weight Loss Surgery?

Loose skin after weight loss surgery varies from person to person. There are a lot of factors involved like genetics, how long you were overweight and how much weight you have to lose.

Does Gastric Bypass Surgery Hurt?

It is normal to feel pain after any type of surgery. You might feel sore from the way you were positioned during the surgery, particularly neck and shoulder pain. You will also feel pain at the incision site. While many people want to avoid pain killers for fear of addiction, it is important to take the pain medicines the doctors prescribe to keep the pain under control.

What percentage of gastric bypass patients regain weight?

When it comes to gastric bypass about as 50 percent of the patients will regain a small amount of weight, usually around 5 % of their weight. Most patients are able to maintain their weight loss long term.

Why Do I Have To Stop Smoking For Gastric Bypass Surgery?

When it comes to smoking, everyone already knows that smoking can cause all kinds of health risks like lung cancer, heart attacks, strokes, higher blood pressure and COPD.

Smoking also causes complications with gastric bypass surgery. It is known to cause increased risks of ulcer complications. This can cause bleeding blockages and holes in the pouch. Some of these issues can be life-threatening. Smoking can also cause decreased blood flow to the pouch and can cause slow healing as well as an increased risk of blood clots .

How Long Will I Be On A Liver Reduction Diet Before Bariatric Surgery?

Before you have bariatric surgery, for about 2 weeks you will need to be on a liver reduction diet. This diet reduces the size of the liver so that the surgeon can operate easily using a laparoscopic incision. Some surgeons will postpone surgery if the liver is too large.

Will I Need A Medic Alert Band After Gastric Bypass Surgery?

If you have ever had gastric bypass or in the process of starting on, it is important to get a Medic Alert bracelet or id. This lets first responders know that you have had the surgery and that you should limit how many nsaids you take, the amount of sugar you ingest to avoid dumping syndrome and that you should not have a blind NG tube inserted. Your bracelet should have your name, date of the surgery, what the restrictions are like “No Blind NG No Sugars/No NSAIDS” and the phone number of your doctor.

gastric bypass surgery questions

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