Well, I cannot believe it’s been twenty weeks since my Gastric bypass surgery. That is a good chunk of time and I think the turning point happened at about 16 weeks. Up until that point I found it really hard. I was being sick a lot and struggling with different foods. Here’s an update of the highs and lows at 20 weeks after gastric bypass surgery. 

20 wEEKS

Gastric Bypass Success

Now that I’m at 20 weeks, I can pretty much eat any carbs I want. (I still can’t have lettuce or meats such as steak or pork). Now that is a good feeling- being able to eat semi-normal foods again! I am tolerating bread, pasta and foods I couldn’t eat for many months and it feels wonderful. The key for me at this point is to make the best and healthy choices now and in the future. This is truly ‘after gastric bypass’ success in my book.

Gastric Bypass Diet

I can’t eat much at a time. For example, if I want a sandwich, I can manage 1/3 of a wrap or 2 slices of Warburtons thins. This includes some protein and cucumber — and, I will have to eat it very slowly and constantly chew. Strangely, I cannot eat a burger. I’ve tried (a healthy version) and I managed a quarter — it was extremely unsatisfying and yucky.

The other day, John and I bought an Asda Pizza. It was spinach and mozzarella and I was able to eat one slice which was a real treat. Unfortunately, that won’t be a regular thing though. My meals will be mainly protein, veg and a few carbs.

Side Effects of Stomach Surgery

I haven’t had dumping syndrome {which stops you eating anything sweet foods (I guess that’s a good thing- it is difficult not having control over certain things) at least I have the choice. I’m limiting my sweet intake to one nice treat a week.

The key for me is feeding my body with healthy nutritional mini-meals. For example, a healthy lunch is a poached egg with two spoons of beans or, even a half a potato with some tuna and cucumber. Seriously, I need three meals a day plus two snacks and it’s up to me what I put in my mouth.

I have tried chocolate and it goes down well. I will, however, continue to avoid this just as anyone would who is making a healthy lifestyle change. But, it’s not easy. In fact, it’s really hard. I will continue to work hard in making healthy food choices and buying treats for Sylvia and John {even though I may not like it}.

Gastric Bypass Results

Having a Gastric bypass – now my stomach appears to have healed, will not stop me eating bad foods. That is something I will have to do myself. What my bypass will do is limit how much I can eat per meal and I’ll never be able to eat and drink at the same time- something I still struggle with.

Now I’m through the pain and the most difficult stages of pureed and soft foods and learning to tolerate food again, the hard part is not being able to eat like normal people. A good example is going out for a meal. I can eat most of a child’s portion or half an adults meal with no room for a drink. Another gastric bypass struggle that I’m getting used to — it’s difficult going to events such as a party. I could only manage one small item compared to a plate full of tasty food. It’s something I’m learning to get my head around.

Bariatric Surgery Limitations

The one thing I can never have- because it could stretch my stomach – is anything fizzy. I was not a fizzy fan anyway but, I do like Sloeur and Appletize at Christmas. Plus, it’s hard not celebrating the New Year and special occasions without fizzies. Yet, I am not missing out on being able to have that option. I will have to stick to orange juice which I guess is the next best thing.

I’m through the so-called “Honeymoon stage” where the gastric bypass limits so much that you lose a lot of weight. Compared to others who’ve had bariatric surgery, I have not lost as much as one might expect. This is most likely because I am on steroids for life with my adrenal insufficiency but I have lost a lot of weight and am working towards my goal of 15 stone for my 34th birthday.

My Gastric Bypass Success Story

At 20 weeks I’m weighing 16 Stone and I am so so happy. Who would have thought after all the difficulties and suffering you go through I would be at this point. I have just under 3 months to get to my first big goal of 15 stone!

I’ve not actually lost any weight in the past two weeks. It’s my first stall in a while which is a little tough as I am following the plan. However, I’ll keep at it and see what happens in the coming weeks.

It’s not as simple as saying I’ve had a gastric bypass and the weight will drop off. If I put the wrong foods in my mouth or graze all day I would not lose the weight and I could gain so I have to be vigilant and work hard to achieve my goals. I am also going to have days where I am sick, it will happen at least once a week for me but as I improve my technique and learn to adapt It will get easier. I’m still learning to eat slow, which can be a huge challenge.

Joining a Support Group

I’m even considering joining a slimming club to help me with the emotional side of things. Food is for everyone a comfort to some degree and now I could potentially make “unhealthy choices” I will have to work extra hard, but I can do this!

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