18 fabulous wedding decoration ideas


Like Christmas trees and shop windows, malady weddings are there to be decorated and bejewelled. Whether you have aspirations for a quieter and more intimate wedding, yearn to go the whole way in terms of splendour, extravagance and glamour, or want your wedding to be somewhere in between; there’s a decoration to cater for every style, size and theme of wedding.

If you’re planning a forthcoming wedding and want some decoration inspiration, take a look at the following 18 fabulous wedding decoration ideas.

The floral wedding arch

For the ultimate romantic wedding look embellish your wedding arch with some beautiful floral arrangements. It doesn’t come much more romantic than saying your vows to one another under a beautiful floral arch.

wedding arch

The nine-wrapped canopy

Opting for a textured canopy wrapped in twisting emerald vines will certainly give your ceremony the wow factor.

‘Mr and Mrs’ chair signs

When planning the seating arrangement and decoration of the wedding meal, incorporate some ‘Mr and Mrs’ chair signs onto the seats of the newlyweds, making an elegant and tasteful addition to the décor of the wedding reception, whilst providing intricate attention to detail.

Candle centrepieces

With a gentle flickering flame and sweet-smelling fragrance radiating into the air, there is nothing quite like candles to denote romance and luxury.

Making candles centrepieces at your wedding will bring an air of sophistication, glamour and of course, romance to any style of wedding.

Why not get creative by making your candle centrepiece out of unusual items such as wine bottles, seashells, foliage, or anything else that tickles your fancy?

A beaded curtain pathway

Wherever you choose to get married, the pathway leading up to the altar is a key feature of all ceremonies and should be decorated accordingly. For example, decorating the pathway with some beautiful beaded curtains will create drama and visual inspiration.

Lantern tea lights

The lighting at a wedding venue helps to create ambience and atmosphere and its importance should never be underestimated. Whether you’re getting married indoors or outdoors, placing some pretty lantern tea lights around the venue will craft a wholly quaint, romantic and charismatic look.

Use letters

Don’t make the mistake of thinking wedding decorations should be confined to flowers, candles and confetti. Using letters as props at the ceremony or reception to spell out words that mean something to the couple can make a romantic, unique and personal gesture.

For example, using vintage marquee letters to spell out ‘Love’, ‘Just Married’, or the couple’s initials is all but guaranteed to generate a talking point at the reception.

Silk rose petals

Rose petals and weddings go hand in hand, so why not make one of the most romantic symbols of all time part of your wedding decoration?

Go a step further by personalising rose petal flowers by inscribing the name of your soon-to-be-husband or wife on the petal – a truly romantic decoration idea that’s guaranteed to be remembered.

rose petals

Faux aisle doors

Getting married outside and looking for some unique and charming decoration ideas? Why not opt for ‘faux doors’, which act as a charming entrance point to an outdoor wedding venue? In fact faux doors are becoming increasingly more popular for couples getting married in an outdoor location.


Once again lighting talks volumes at a wedding and there’s nothing quite like a chandelier to set an opulent, glamorous and tasteful tone.

Why not take the chandelier centrepiece one step further by having a candle chandelier? Casting a flickering glow of light on the ceiling, a candle chandelier will really set the romantic scene for a wedding steeped in romance and splendour.


When we think of balloons, kids’ birthday parties might immediately spring to mind! On the contrary, get the colour right and balloons can make fabulous wedding decorations.

Depending on the overall colour and theme of your wedding, the likes of white, gold, silver, pale pink, blue, yellow and green can make a pretty addition to virtually any type of wedding décor.

A winter wonderland

If you’re having a winter wedding, why not capitalise on the beauty of the season by introducing some quintessential winter items to the venue? You’d be amazed at the idyllic setting a few branches, faux snow and flickering candlelight can create at a wedding ceremony.

Aisle quotes

Do you share a favourite quote from your soon-to-be-spouse? Perhaps it’s from a song, poem or the Bible? Hanging your favourite quote at the entrance of the aisle creates a real sentimental touch.

Fairy light fever

Whether they’re adorned in trees, in a canopy, or at a hotel reception room, fairy lights create a magical wedding setting that complements both traditional and modern style weddings.


Baubles might be synonymous with Christmas and predominantly forgotten for the rest of the year, but this beautiful decoration shouldn’t be discarded when it comes to weddings. On the contrary, stunning baubles of a suitable colour can create a real statement at a wedding.


As can streamers! Whether they’re indoors or outdoors, hanging some colourful streamers up will craft a carefree and bohemian vibe at a wedding.


Don’t be afraid to really go to town with flowers, it’s a wedding after all! Covering the aisle or reception venue with oversized flowers will put the wow factor into any style of wedding.

Wedding Decorations

Papier Mache decorations

Hanging large Papier Mache balls from the ceiling will inject some visual splendour into your wedding. If you’re making your own Papier Mache decorations, you could really go to town by using string, lace and other embellishments to create the look you want.


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