Well, It’s been 16 weeks, (4 months) since my Gastric Bypass operation and it’s been a rough four months. The operation was not fun and it’s not something I’d wish on anyone despite the weight loss benefits. It’s a tough journey but something I needed to do and something others will also in the future need to do.

bypass surgery

I decided to go ahead with weight loss surgery for many reasons, one being the health benefits of being a healthier weight, preventing diabetes and to help reduce my steroid dose which is calculated based upon my weight.

So it has been a hard time. I think I struggled a lot at the start with the pain and the vomiting and sickness. I struggled with the food limitations and the new things I had to learn such as never drinking and eating at the same time, chewing for twenty seconds and taking breaks between mouthfuls. It’s a real learning process. Your relationship with food changes forever and it’s often not as enjoyable as it once was.

I’ve gone through the soft food and puree stages and at last I am eating most foods once more, in small portions. Some foods I still struggle with. I’m not able to tolerate pasta, bread or red meat and lettuce leafs. Some times I cant tolerate egg and other times I can.

I am being sick around once a week, sometimes twice, but I feel much more happier than I did before as I can eat most foods again, but only in tiny portions.

I find it hard eating such small sized meals more regular but it’s something I am still getting used to. I enjoy eating crackers with cheese and tomatoes. I find something I can tolerate and enjoy and I stick to it until I get tired of it. A few weeks ago it was sushi, rice and salmon. Now it’s cheese and tomatoes.

I am not supposed to have chocolate or anything high in sugar or high in fat. Have I stuck to this? No. The truth is I still have emotions and sometimes like everyone else, especially when it’s a tough day, I will have a feeling to eat something nice. I have had some chocolate. I have had a little ice cream. Unlike some gastric bypass patients I don’t get dumping syndrome which can make you very ill if you eat something with sugar.

In a way it’s kind of good. I find it so hard being restricted for life, but knowing I can have something nice in a blue moon and in moderation is a nice feeling. I will of course keep trying to make healthy choices.

It’s not been easy getting to this point. It’s a battle. I think gastric bypass is both physically and mentally challenging. I am slowly getting used to this and hoping to keep losing weight. I’m doing my part and making the sacrifices and doing all I can. I hope I can keep working towards my goal to be around 15 Stone for my 34th Birthday in November. That’s my goal for this year and then to reach 14 stone eventually.

So…. last week I didn’t manage to lose any weight. My starting weight in October 2014 was 21.7 and my operation day was 19.5. Today I stood on the scales and I am weighing…wait for it… 16 Stone 1 pound. I had a huge smile on my face.

I’m so happy with my progress. It has been hard and the Journey is for life. I am hoping once my health improves in other areas I can start trying to swim or float in water or something. I can’t do much exercise but I’d like to try something and see what I can manage.

I’m happy. I have 15 pounds to go before November. I hope I can do it. So far I’ve lost 5 stone and 6 pounds. I’m now fitting back into my size 20 clothes which I had when I married John and I’m super happy. I wonder if I can fit my wedding dress?

Well it’s been tough and I’ll keep going and report again in a few weeks.

The one downside is I’ve had my vitamin and mineral levels checked and i’m low in Zinc, Iron and folate and I know it’s making me feel very sick and tired and brain fogged. So I am to see the Doctor tomorrow about my deficiencies and will start taking extra vitamins.

Wish me luck.