15 Things to Do for Yourself Every Day

Take a moment to picture you, Sleeping Beauty, gently waking up with the morning sun beaming through your window, the bluebirds happily chirping away. Now queue the airy, whimsical flutes softly piping, giving this scene a truly magical start to your day.

Yeah, I wish.

Let’s be honest to say that the above scene isn’t likely your reality. Perhaps you start your day by waking up the kids, if they haven’t already startled you awake with demands for breakfast and a packed lunch for school. Maybe you groggily reach for the pot of hot, steaming coffee to jolt you awake from a dead sleep, dragging your feet as you slowly sip on the dark and murky elixir of life.

Regardless of how you start or end your day, it’s what you do for yourself throughout that will make or break your mood and productivity.

self care for yourself

Self Care For Yourself

Here are 15 tried-and-true things to do for yourself every single day!

Positive Affirmations – Having a go-to list of affirmations can help you start the day right with confidence and a positive outlook. You ARE beautiful, and your soul is flawless!

Freshen Up – Jump in the shower and wash all the negativity and self-doubt down the drain. Grab the hairbrush and burst out in song to get your lungs filled with good vibes!

Breathing Exercises – Following the breath and slowing down your system will allow you the time let go of all your thoughts (yes, all of them) and concentrate on just existing. This is a wonderful way to take breaks throughout your day.

Eat Healthy Meals – Nourish your body and eat a balanced breakfast! Just a bowl of cereal won’t cut it. Some fresh fruit, a vegetable and a source of protein is best to keep you going until lunchtime.

Drink Plenty of Water – Drinking a glass of water as soon as you wake up will give you an extra pep in your step in your day! Continuing to drink at least 8 tall glasses of water throughout the day will keep you hydrated and prevent “brain fog”.

Stretch – Light stretches are fantastic for your body and will release endorphins. With looser muscles, you’ll feel light on your feet to conquer anything.

Walk or Exercise – It’s time to grab your running shoes and take a brisk walk around the neighbourhood or hit the gym. You can also exercise at home without equipment and still get your heart pumping! 

Read – How long has it been since you’ve sat down and read something?
Oh, wait… you’re doing it now.
Anyway, grabbing a good book and reading a chapter per day will not only get your brain moving, but will provide you new insights and ideas to keep your thoughts replenished.

Keep a daily schedule – Writing down your daily goals can be life-changing! Once you write a goal down on paper, it’s hard to forget and look much more promising to achieve.

Socialise – Communicating with people you enjoy being around can be encouraging that the human race really isn’t so bad, for the most part.

Do something you really enjoy – Involving yourself in activities that bring you joy will bring you positivity and motivation in your life. Whether it’s video games, community work or playing fetch with your dog, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Treat yourself – That ice cream flavour you’ve been dying to try is calling your name. Treat yourself to a favorite snack or treat as a “pat on the back” for getting through the day.

Clean – This is a chore that most people dread, but cleaning is actually a good way to “start anew”. When you come home to a cleaner living space, you’ll thank yourself later.

Have a Sense of Style – Wear clothing that makes you feel good. We all have our lazy days to spend in our raggedy shirts and sweats. However, I’m talking about making yourself shine. Dress for the great day you want to have, and great opportunities will present themselves.

Be Thankful – Being thankful isn’t something that we should only do once a year. Thankfulness can be related to your family, colleagues or even the wonderful day you had due to following this list. (You’re welcome.)

Taking the time to care for yourself every day can make an immense difference in your mood and personal successes. Even if you’re a busy person, it’s important to practice self-care in order to carry out your daily tasks like a pro!