Well, It’s been a few weeks since I wrote about my Gastric Bypass and my progress. I last blogged at 9 weeks since Gastric Bypass and now I’m at almost 12 weeks out. You may be surprised by my bariatric bypass regrets and struggles I face at 3 months.

Life has been really busy over the past few weeks. My ability to eat certain foods has improved. I am not being sick as often as I was back in May which is fantastic. There are still foods I simply cannot eat and I’m slowly starting to accept I’ll never be able to eat these.

Foods to Avoid After Gastric Bypass

Bariatric foods to avoid is a long list. I still cannot enjoy and should be avoided at 12 weeks is red meat, sausages, steak, bread, pasta and noodles. In addition, I can’t eat {but hope to in the future} is salads, fruit, and certain vegetables.

Plus, I tried noodles yesterday and I was so sick, it was not funny. I guess it’s a game of trying things and finding out what will and what won’t work. Sigh.

Find out what my bariatric surgery regrets are as well as physical struggles and foods I must avoid.

I’ve stuck to the plan but lost no weight whatsoever in the last 3 weeks. I’m still at 16 Stone 12 pounds. It’s hard to see others who are also on the same journey as me, (in a gastric bypass group I joined) lose weight at a much better rate than me. However, I have to be realistic and remember that I’m not well enough to exercise. I barely walk around or burn calories and am dependent on steroids daily to live.

Results of Gastric Bypass Surgery Weight Loss 

I do think the steroids impact heavily on my weight and my ability to lose but I will keep following the guidelines I have and hope for more progress. The scariest thing is fear and my biggest fear is that this operation won’t work or I won’t lose any more weight. I simply have to keep following the rules and hope for more weight loss.

I set a realistic goal to get to 16-15.7 stone by my 34th birthday in November. I hope I can do it.

Surprisingly, I am really not eating much. I have the smallest of breakfasts and a tiny lunch, tiny dinner and two snacks. At the moment I feel I am not able to enjoy much food and eating can be a miserable process.

Gastric Bypass Surgery Risks

I really am struggling with the whole “food thing”. I can’t sit and enjoy a meal. I can barely eat much and I’d love to just eat a yummy chicken salad or a healthy tuna burger on wholemeal bread or a poached egg on rye with a grilled tomato. I want to eat fruit and drink gallons of water but everything is hard to eat and drinking is such a challenge. I will keep at it though.

I really wish I had the ability to eat healthy foods but my bypass is “for now” at 12 weeks stopping me from enjoying my meals no matter what they are. I am trying but I get the rare meal which goes down well and then the rest, well it really sucks.

Bariatric Surgery is a Weight Loss Tool

I see others talking about it as if it’s an amazing tool and you can have the yummiest of meals in small portions. I’m hoping that this will be the case for me at some point but currently, I’m finding it hard to enjoy food. I would like to try and research some bariatric meal ideas and try one or two and see what happens.

I know people much further down the bariatric road than me and they are eating salads and that’s the one thing I hope one day I can tolerate again. Yummy salad!

After Bariatric Surgery Diet 

The one positive is we spent the day at the hospital last week and I tried Sushi and it went down well and I loved it. I ate tiny bits of salmon and rice and soya sauce. I think because of the pieces being small I was able to eat them. So I sent my hubby to the shop and have had sushi for lunch almost three times this week. I’m kind of over soup and need to try something different.

I’m finally at the stage where I’ve moved from soft to hard normal foods and should be able to tolerate a lot more over the coming weeks but as I’ve discovered the healing process is different for everyone and it may take time.

Bariatric Surgery Regrets

I know this operation was needed. It has saved me from Diabetes and helped me lose a good 30 pounds! Yes, I know its a great start, but I want to lose more. Eventually, my hope is to get more well. Then, I’ll be able to do a small bit of exercise.

Honestly, I’m not sure how realistic that is. I get so ill, simply from standing and walking for a minute or two. I’m hoping one day I can try swimming again!

I don’t want my post to come across too miserable and negative. I am happy I am at a lower BMI but at the moment I’m finding life in the bypass lane very tough.

The Truth about Bariatric Surgery

I always said I’d write the truth about this experience and this is the truth, it’s really mentally tough as well as physically. This is certainly one of the gastric bypass surgery risks I was willing to take. However, I will try to experiment over the coming weeks. In fact, I’m going to try and eat more protein and see if that helps at all. Truthfully, I still have bariatric surgery regrets and hope I won’t feel this way in the future.

Wish me luck, my friends!

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